Nov 16

Ronn’s first post

Hello, my name is Ronn Nadeau. With help from my wife, Katsuko, I produce and sell African violet seeds. I endeavor to help my customers succeed at growing my
seeds into beautiful plants. If you are interested in growing African violets from seeds, have a look at this site and especially look at the instructions page. And, if you have any questions on this subject, or anything about African violets,
you can leave the comment below. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

2 thoughts on “Ronn’s first post”

  1. I won a package of your seeds on a raffle table here in Burbank California, at our violet meeting. Although a member of the Burbank African Violet Club since l986, I had never grown seeds…I did as the instructions stated, (although I never DID see the “pin prick” seeds!), and now I have 4 lovely plants, one about to bloom , (very exciting), which I hope to enter in our May 20th Council Show…None of the club members have grown seeds, so we are all very interested in this process. Beverlee Nelson

    1. Beverlee,
      It certainly is a pleasure to hear of good results from a long-time AV grower and member of BAVC.
      Growing AVs from seeds can be an engaging and rewarding experience for members of AV clubs. Currently I regularly correspond with members of two clubs who are growing from seeds as a club project. I made a deal with them. Each member purchased a packet of seeds, sowed them, transplanted the seedlings and now they are growing them toward blooming stage. After a time that they specified at the beginning, they will have a club show for the members’ seedlings. The members whose plants are judged the best will receive cash prizes, the total amount of which will be equal to one-half of what all the members spent in buying the seeds. Please let me know if members of BAVC would be interested in doing similarly. Ronn

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